Building Healthy Communities
Monterey County

Activating resident voice and power to build an inclusive, anti-racist democracy and safe thriving communities.

Education Equity and Justice

Youth Leadership

Monterey County Black Caucus


Community Health Workers

Thriving Neighborhoods and Economic Equity


As a community for racial justice, we find ways to ensure all youth have quality education, social-emotional and physical health, access to green space, healthy recreation, and leadership pathways that dismantle and fully replace the school-to-prison pipeline. We engage in community-driven planning that spurs new economic opportunities for residents, working to ensure that Black, Brown, and Indigenous residents are not priced out of Monterey County, and instead have voice and leadership in shaping public priorities for generations to come.

Policy & Systems Change Goals

Activate student, family, and community voice to ensure our schools reflect the needs, values, and visions of Black and Brown communities in Monterey County.

Activate resident voice to ensure the resources of local government are used in service of needs, values, and visions of Black and Brown communities.

Our Areas of Work – Action Teams
The Spectrum Of Community
Engagement To Ownership

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership is a tool BHCMC uses as a way to strengthen and transform our local democracies. Thriving, diverse, equitable communities are possible through deep participation, particularly by communities commonly excluded from democratic voice & power.

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